Mom’s Birthday Celebration at Cafe Delhi Heights

Birthday celebrations are a big part of the Nair family. All of us, at one time or another, have had a cake and samosa party as a kid, where we took pride in inviting all the kids from school and colony, just to serve them cake and samosa. I loved the combinations of cake and chips trying to merge with each other on the same plate creating a concoction of creamy salty flavors. My mother and I have kept those traditions alive by cutting each family member’s cake at 12 midnight. We start by cutting the cake sharp 12 at night,  followed by a good half an hour indulgent cake, chips and coke session where we happily stuff our faces with cake.

Butterscotch Nut cake from Modern Bazaar

It was my Mother’s birthday (28th April) and as usual we had the most delectable and nutty butterscotch cake bought from Modern Bazaar (Vasant Vihar). The cake had the creamiest butterscotch topping with caramel nuts and caramel sauce on top. Butterscotch is my mother’s favorite flavor, so she was more than happy to eat a whole slice.

The night of the birthday we decided to try out cafe Delhi heights at sangam courtyard. We reached at about 9:30 and after about 10 mins of waiting, we were seated at a large spacious booth with a television attached to the wall. Live IPL match was playing on the television. The menu was vast and it took us almost 20 mins to decide what each of us wanted to order. We were a group of five people and ordered five dishes and one juice.

Dish 1 : Baked vegetable ala king (Rs 475)

2017-04-28 23.59.27
Baked Vegetable Ala King

The menu stated the dish to be an assortment of baked vegetables with four cheese and cream pink sauce served with bread. My Mom is a huge fan of a hearty baked vegetable dish with all kinds of exotic veggies.  I guess mothers have that innate sense of finding all the nutrients even while eating outside. The dish was exactly as described, though it was tough to taste much of any of the four cheese that was claimed to be present in the dish. We could mainly taste the veggies and a creamy tomato sauce topped with molten cheese. Can’t complain as long as there was gooey cheese on top. A good hearty dish that two people can easily share.

Dish 2 : Moussaka made like middle east (Rs 475)

2017-04-28 23.56.47
Moussaka Made like the Middle East

The menu stated the dish to be made with layered roasted eggplants, zucchini, tomatoes, bell-peppers, spiced creamy Bechamel sauce served with salad greens and garlic bread.

We were majorly disappointed with this dish. My father has tasted an authentic moussaka before and this came nothing close to it. Also the dish was supposed to be served with bread, but even after asking the server for the same we were denied bread. They said that it was not served with bread. It was a bland dish with the grilled eggplant having no seasoning. Not a dish to be ordered again.

Dish 3 : Bold eggs Benedict with cured Ham (Rs 345)

2017-04-28 23.58.28
Bold Eggs Benedict with Cured Ham

The menu stated the dish to be poached eggs with melted cheddar and hollandaise sauce and ham on top of fresh croissant served with salad and french fries.

This is by far the best eggs Benny I have had in a while. The poached eggs were perfectly moist and cooked, topped with cheddar cheese and hollandaise sauce on the side. The salad was pointless and the fries were the McCain variety. The star of the dish was the buttery croissant baked to perfection and making everything just taste so much more butter … oops!! better. CDH serves all day breakfast which is at a nominal price.

2017-04-28 23.58.57
Bold Eggs Benedict with cured Ham

Dish 4 : Spaghetti Bolognese with Meatballs (Rs 575)

2017-04-29 00.00.45
Spaghetti Bolognese with Meatballs

The menu stated the dish to be a classic spaghetti Bolognese served with juicy lamb meatballs.

This was a great dish and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. It had the perfect amount of spicy tomato sauce coating the spaghetti and crumbled meat granules along with almost broken meatballs. We were expecting the meatballs to be intact, but the taste compensated the lack of intact balls :P. The Sauce was heavily spiced with pepper and that complimented the juicy lamb well.

Dish 5 : Chennai Chicken 65 (Rs 365)

2017-04-29 00.00.10
Chennai Chicken 65

The menu stated the dish to be amazingly spiced chicken chunks served with onion and lemon garnish.

This was a random dish ordered by my brother thinking that it would be a good starter among all the creamy Italian dishes we had ordered and boy! was it good. Spicy garlicky deep fried chunks of chicken, which were crisp on the outside and “melt in the mouth” soft on the inside. the dish was served with lemony onions and would make a perfect accompaniment for a round of beers. I would definitely order these again.

Drink  : Watermelon celery and pomegranate juice (Rs 210)

2017-04-29 00.01.16
Watermelon Celery Pomegranate Juice

Not worth the money. CDH has a freshly squeezed juice menu. The juice was served in a tumbler and tasted of a simple watermelon juice with a squeeze of lime. We could not taste the pomegranate at all and a sad, wilted stalk of celery had been placed along with the straw, just to justify the celery part of the juice’s name.

The ambiance was OK with live music, which was a bit too loud. There was fun and frolic all around with the service being attentive apart from this one server who refused us the bread that was supposed to be served with the ordered dish.

The bill came to be a total of Rs 3100 inclusive of taxes which was pretty good for the quantity of food we had ordered. It is a good place to hang out with friends with good food if you stick to ordering the basic such as pizza, pasta, sandwiches and breakfast.

The end of the meal is again followed by a customary family discussion of what was good and what was not along with my mother’s specials of what could have been better :). Now I know where I inherit my critical skills from. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY ! :*

Waiting for the next family Birthday to indulge in such huge quantities of food that is never wasted.

 Cafe Delhi Heights Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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