The Drifting Canvas – A night filled with unexpected colours

I wanted to tell you guys about a new obsession of mine. The little app!

I have been always curious to check this application out since the time I had seen its ad during an interval at PVR. Turns out, you can catch a real good deal on this app for all your eating out expeditions as well salons and other fun activities. Now, whenever I head out, I check out this app for deals around that area. So, when my dad announced one evening that we had to head to select city walk for my cousin’s art expo, I head to my little app to add some fun to the evening. I always find art shows a bit too pretentious for my taste. Though, I do appreciate a good use of colour and techniques, but I cannot spare more than 1 minute on understanding and admiring the same. It kind of goes like your kid would come running to you with his drawing of mom and dad, so you would go oh wow !! and that is it. What more can you say. It’s a drawing with colours and paints. Some would go as far as putting it on their Facebook or the sticking it to their fridge, but if you are one of those who would sit and stare at it and dissect the meaning behind it ……. Then you are not my audience.

We reached select city walk at about 8 . All I was looking forward to was a deal I got for pita pit. Oh! how I was waiting to bite into that scrumptious stuffed to the brim pita bread with all that hummus and tzatziki.

So, we went to this art exhibition called The Drifting Canvas. It was mainly a multimedia art expo arranged in the open area of select city walk in front of chai point and Starbucks. They have made perfect arrangements for the scorching Delhi heat. The whole venue is wrapped in a black tent with super chilled centrally air conditioned environment.

Once you enter the venue, it is divided into three parts. First, there are walls purely for reading purpose showing different kinds of artistic styles mainly postmodernism and other theoretical era of art and artists.

Then we moved on to an aisle where giant televisions were installed and 3d glasses were provided for us to see some of the paintings in a 3d format. A very entertaining way to enjoy art.

Then we entered a huge hall where there are seats in the middle and you are surrounded by gigantic multimedia installations. A light and sound show begins and my whole world suddenly turns beautiful. It was one of the most exhilarating experience to be surrounded by arts from famous artists like Monet and Diga in a fun and colourful running movie format.

Each artist’s selected paintings are shown in a movie format syncing them to a perfectly fitting violin music behind. The whole show is for about an hour and believe me there is not even a single moment of boredom. My brother who has managed to arrange this special art show working for the drifting canvas treated us to a truly once in a lifetime experience. Suddenly, in that one hour, I had forgotten completely about my pita deal.

After the show, the exit of the hall leads to another set of fun areas where you can be virtually in the painting providing a fun opportunity to get some real artistic selfies clicked.


The complete show would take about 1 and a half hour. it’s a great place for a casual date, especially if one is done to death with the only outing at malls due to the Delhi heat.

The ultimate veggie pita

Finally, I was at pita pit and my roll was everything I was looking for in a filling healthy dinner. A white pita bread smeared with hummus and tzatziki wrapped around grilled mushrooms, onions and capsicum along with pickles accompanied by freshly baked falafels topped with Parmesan cheese and lemon olive oil dressing. Now that is the kind of art I enjoy! 😉


TIMINGS:Monday to Sunday: 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM

VENUE:Select CITYWALK, Saket,New Delhi, Delhi 110017


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