Theos @Sangam Courtyard – Pure Dessert Indulgence

It was a rainy evening. We were all sitting at the dining table and discussing what should we do with such a nice weather outside. That is when one of decided that we should go for a walk because that would be the healthy thing to do over stuffing ourselves with pakoras all evening. But being the foodie family, that was not going to make our evening fun. That is when we decided that we would combine both health and hunger in one by taking a walk to the nearby Sangam courtyard and getting something to eat and then walk back home as well, how healthy!

I had been following the progress of Theos opening an outlet in Sangam courtyard. Theos had been on my wishlist since a long time, but what kept me away from trying the delicacies from Theos is the distance. I could never muster the courage to make my way from Delhi to Noida just for cake ….. some foodie, I ‘am 😝.


So finally, I made Theos open an outlet right next door to save me the hassle of travel. It was a quaint little open café in the middle of the mall and seemed more like a kiosk than a café. It is very small compared to the original Theos in Noida. We decided to order three things and share among us. All the cakes displayed on the counter were looking absolutely inviting and a whiff of fresh baked goodies engulfs you now when you enter the Sangam courtyard mall.


The display is divided by the payment counter into two parts. one holds the eggless variety and the other with egg cakes. There is also a central display unit holding all the other baked goodies like cookies, bread, Danish pastries and muffins. They have placed tables and chairs that give a feel of a typical English high tea party.

Blueberry Pastry

BLUEBERRY PASTRY (Rs  125  )  Veg_and_non_veg_marks

The Blueberry pastry was light as air with a slight blueberry tang at the end. You could taste the sweetness and tartness of blueberries. The cake slice has 3 layers, two of which had a simple fluff of cream mixed with dried blueberries and one middle layer was a dense cream cheese. the slice was topped with a perfect layer of blueberry compote completely drizzling on the sides. The cake came topped with one perfectly juicy red grape that went well with the blueberry cream. It was a deliciously light cake, which can be easily enjoyed as a dessert after a good meal.


Soft Chocolate truffle pastry

SOFT CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE PASTRY (Rs. 125)  Veg_and_non_veg_marks

With Chocolate being my favorite, this one was something I can eat every day and I surely would be having many more of these in future. A decadent chocolate creation. A perfectly light chocolate cake with layers of sinful dark chocolate mousse topped with airy milk chocolate mousse and then drizzled with melted chocolate ganache. A heaven in its own right. (partiality speaking)!

Coleslaw Sandwich


 This was probably the stalest item I have ever tried. The bread was breaking apart as soon as I picked up the sandwich and the filling was bitter in taste. It tasted completely wrong and have had better coleslaw sandwiches from street side stalls. They had probably used old cabbage and mayo had gone super sour making it completely suck. It was pretty small, so there was no point returning it since by the time we figured that it was stale, we had already eaten half of it. We later told the manager about the sandwich and he was sweet enough to offer a change of sandwich.

We were so impressed by the cakes collection that we ordered two more slices for takeaway.

Theos Special Truffle Indulgence

THEOS SPECIAL TRUFFLE INDULGENCE (Rs. 125)  Veg_and_non_veg_marks

A dense chocolate cake stuffed with dark chocolate ganache and with the middle oozing out chocolate mousse. A very decadent dessert, which cannot be finished in one go. A good indulgent sweet after a hard day of work, but not to be eaten after a hard day at the gym.

Butterscotch pastry

BUTTERSCOTCH PASTRY (Rs.110 )  Veg_and_non_veg_marks

A creamy, nutty delight. Light, airy perfectly creamy slice of cake topped with caramel and almonds and there are huge pieces of almonds on the sides as well as in the middle of the cake layers. A must have dessert offerings.

I have become quite intrigued with the selection of desserts on offer and this is going to be my go to dessert place from now on at least up until I get to try everything on the menu. I was also later told by the manager that they bring in a batch of goods from their Noida kitchens every night and that is what they serve the next day. So, they are bound to go right in the case of cakes but the mayo in the sandwiches is going to change the taste over such long period.

All in all, this is a good cafe to visit for light, airy, sweet goodies, but the savories on offer have failed to impress me yet though I will soon be giving those another chance (probably by visiting them early in the day). I can finally say that now the distance cannot keep me away from this little delightful place of sweet heaven.

Theos Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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